Hey there! Welcome to the Guide to Getting Lost.

This is a website dedicated to discovering all aspects of yourself and celebrating them.  The Guide is about taking time out from the craziness of life to find out what makes you smile and what centers you.  Its about getting lost in the feeling of joy and being brave enough to change your life in order to stay that way.

I’m Kelley! Think of me as your sarcastic, bubbly, and quirky guide.  This is a journey I know well because I’m still on it.  Under the Guide tab is the 5 step plan I developed when I wanted to rebuild my life and start living more authentically.  It helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life and it gave me the courage to start this site.  The Guide is all about the faulty thinking that made me hide parts of myself in order to fit some mold of a woman, a partner, a professional, and a daughter.  Its about all of the self-limiting beliefs that told me that if I was professional therapist, then I couldn’t be my sarcastic, black humored self.  That as a woman who struggles with PCOS and weight issues, I couldn’t blog about enjoying food and healthy eating.  It was the belief that I couldn’t make a living off of my writing because I wasn’t talented enough and I needed to be an adult and find a “real job.”

The Guide helped me see that when you take time to reevaluate what you love and what matters you’ll find a way to honor all that you find.  The guide led me to this website.  It gave me the bravery to step out and live a full life doing the things I am passionate about. And so on the site you will see tabs that invite you to “get lost in” all that I love. The Guide helped me see that I could be a therapist, a foodie, a lover of beauty products, pamper days, and a world traveler. 

In the tab “get lost in words” I get to write my random thoughts and fun stories but also talk about how to get past the blocks that stop us from getting on the path to happiness.  I found my voice.  Now let me help you find yours.

So if you’re looking for that piece of you that went missing; if you have given up on a passion; if you have lost the spark you once had; if you are weighed down self-limiting beliefs; if you are struggling with loss and disappointment, then perhaps my words will connect with you and give you a way out.

Feel free to come play and get lost with me.  Let this become a space where you can rediscover what makes you passionate. Whatever drives you, let this be a space to take a time out to get lost in celebrating it.  I promise to keep this space filled with laughter and gentleness.  I promise to show up and share my humor, my errors, and my successes with you.  So are you ready??

come get lost with me…

Who am I?
For starters I’m a reluctant blogger. I never saw myself using this platform. I’m the girl who wears a shirt that says “More people have seen this shirt than your blog.”  Sarcasm is the currency of my life and I use it daily.  I’m so far from perfect on this big old journey called life. So if you are looking for a perfect bodied, zen’d out vegan (I tried it and failed), shoot me an email and I’ll direct you to some amazing blogs that will hit the spot.  All I can offer you is what I am: an imperfect, chubby, loudmouthed, sarcastic, quick witted, rambling human.

Yes this human knows a thing or two about making some really BAD decisions, about getting stuck in unrealistic expectations, and about having life unexpectedly kick you in the pants.  I know what it feels like to be so disconnected that you lose sight of who you are. To lose control of your body and feel powerless to fight back as it changes shape. I know what it feels like to short change yourself to please someone else or out of fear you’re being selfish.

And I know some ways to get beyond that. I know how hard is is to muster up courage and step out on faith.  It took a lot of trial and error, but when I took the time to rebuild my life, amongst the rubble I found myself. The Guide to Getting Lost are the steps I took to get there.

And if that doesn’t move you I have a degree or two as a backup to make sure I’m not completely talking nonsense. I’m 10 year Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in positive Psychology and a former professor

The Guide is about letting go of fear and living life to the full,  Its about dreaming big and seeing results.  The Journey is not without some hard work and a lot of faith but I promise the rewards outweigh the risk

So be brave and come get lost with me…