Get Lost in Food

I LOVE food.  Eating is transformative.  From the moment something delicious touches your taste buds, to the smile that spreads on your face; eating is a sensual experience.  I love to cook.  I love to feed my loved ones.  I love eating out and discovering new cuisines.
I LOVE food, but I’ve spent a lot of time, years, hating myself because of it. You see food and I, like many relationships, are complicated.  Whether it’s because of my various food intolerances (oh cheese why must you make me so miserable?) to my medical diagnosis (PCOS is one cruel illness), I have struggled to find the balance of loving food and loving myself.  Oftentimes, I have deprived myself of the pleasures of eating in order to beat my body into some unrealistic shape. I have been on every diet you can imagine (vegan, pescatarian, Atkins, fat flush).  And I’ve thrown them all away in favor of a lifestyle plan that embraces the joy of eating and heals my body.
And so this section of the website isn’t going to be about dieting.  It won’t be about what to eat to get toned for the summer.  It’s about how to create a path to loving every bite you take. I’m going to explore recipes and restaurants that are a part of my clean eating lifestyle and a few that aren’t.  There will be no guilt, no negative self talk, and most importantly, not one bite wasted.
Yes, food and I have a complicated relationship, but we’re working through it.  So come along on the journey as food and I rediscover our love for each other.  Let’s get lost in food.


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