Step Five: Come Stay Lost With Me!

So you’ve opened your eyes, you found a new destination, and you are enjoying the journey.  You’ve done it!  Now is the time for celebration! Now is the time to kick up your feet and enjoy the ride.  But now is the time to make sure you stay in this state of mind.

Step five is all about longevity.  And that is why Step Five is the hardest. We see it all the time.  People try a fad diet, or make major changes to their fitness regime with a specific goal in mind.  You watch them make the changes and you see their success.  But fast forward a year or two and more than half of those people have returned to their former shapes or their former poor eating habits.  Why?  Because change is hard.

The Guide to Getting Lost is asking you to make big changes in the way you see the world.  The kind of changes that will reorient the way you lead your life.  The rewards are worth it, but staying lost is going to take some effort.

Below are a few suggestions to keep in you a “lost” state mind.

Dream big, but work small

Science tells us that dreaming big when it comes to long-term goal setting, is a good thing.  So visualizing you living the best possible life is a great step to getting and staying on the path.  But when you dream big, work small.  What I mean by this is, have an ambitious end goal like “I want to change my career,” but work to achieve your end game with small mini goals.  Your end goal could be “I want to change careers” but your small goal could be, “I am going to dedicate 15-30 mins a day to researching all there is to know about career x.”   You always want to keep your eye of the your dreams, but strategize getting there step by step with some micro goal setting.

Identify distractions and triggers

Remember the “What Are You So Afraid Of” post? We discussed common reasons people hold back from getting lost in the first place.  What reason resonated the most with you?  Were you someone who is afraid of being in the dark?  Are you afraid if you let go of the need to control everything that you may not get where you want to go?  Whatever your reason; own it.   When you start to backslide, think about what specific fear or insecurity is bubbling to the surface? What negative thought is leading you to want to give up?  Once you are able to identify what that is, go back to Step one and be brave.  Use the suggestions presented there to build yourself back up again.

Remember what lead you on the journey

If all else fails think about what started you this journey.  There was something that struck a chord.  What were you trying to improve in your life?  What goals and passions did you feel that you had to given up?  This guide moved you for a reason.  Make sure to call into your mind what it was.  And when you remember, think about how it felt to be where you were.  Then think about how it feels, most of the time to be where you are.  Journal those feelings, and write down the difference between those two places.  Re-read them when you feel yourself start to return to old patterns and habits.

How this looks:

Remember how I told you to consider me your tour guide?  That’s because this is a path I’ve been down many times before.  More importantly, its a path that I’m still walking.  I haven’t hit the end of the road.  I haven’t mastered all the skills perfectly.  I’m still growing and regressing and pushing forward again and again.  There are days when I’m right where I want to be.  On other days, I still fight with myself about backsliding into my old habits.

There were times while writing this concept I wanted to delete it all and just walk away.  I have huge moments of insecurity when I question if my message will ever connect with anyone.  That maybe I’m not good enough to bring this platform out into the light.  Those days still happen. But when I feel that insecurity creeping back in I return to my affirmations.  I spend some time doing the things I love and I feel recharged enough to go on.

And most importantly, I remind myself why I started on this journey. I remember that the guide works.  It’s changed my life for the better.  I think about my dreams, that I want to live a life with authenticity.  I’m dreaming of financial independence, freedom, and creativity.  I dreaming of connecting with you.  I’m dreaming of being apart of your journey and helping you live your best life.  When I go back to what my goals are it pushes me to stay the course.

So stay the course. Remind yourself of what your goals are.  Remember when you doubt yourself that’s the fear talking. You can do this!  I’m here to support you! Come stay lost with me!


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