The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me : Wandering Around Venice, Italy

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

Erol Ozan

Track Four: Frou Frou “let go.”

Venice Italy is a city like no other.  It is a mess of contradictions.  It is crowded yet isolated.  As a result, in the beginning, Venice frustrated me. I used to hate getting lost. Therefore, wandering around Venice with its nonstop labyrinths was hard.  But once I embraced the steps I talk about in the guide to getting lost, my outlook on Venice completely shifted.  Venice embodies all of the steps in the guide to getting lost.  It is a city that forces you to let go of the destination and just enjoy the journey. When I took a step back and I realized that Venice isn’t for everyone, but if you are a lover, an adventurer or a dreamer; Venice is the city for you.

Now when I go to Venice I try to pretend I’m one of those three groups.   I go to Venice to wander and maybe learn something new about myself in the process.  Let this city teach you an important lesson: there is value in getting lost.  Again, Venice may not be for everyone, but it is perfect if you fall into the categories below.

Venice is for Lovers

If you are looking to fall in love, come to Venice.  After all, it is the city that gave birth to Casanova! Venice pulls you in the minute you arrive.  Words cannot express the beauty of the city.   There are the gondoliers rowing by singing,( and yes its cliche and a complete tourist trap).  BUT you are a lover!  Their charm will not be lost on you.  Each tiny bridge you cross will give a picture perfect opportunity to pose with your loved one.  The many hidden streets in the city provide plenty of opportunities to steal a kiss.

Are you single? Don’t let that stop you.  Because Venice is a city for the lover all by themselves.  Broken hearted? Venice will find ways to heal it.  It persuades you to splurge with some retail therapy and some good bites.  If your heart is whole, but without a partner, Venice still calls to you.  Its the perfect city for those who just love, love.

Venice is for Dreamers

Venice is the place to let your imagination run free.  You show up The first thing you notice about Venice is the incredible expanse.  The city sprawls out amongst never-ending canals and paths.  If you go in the summer (FYI, fall is best), you need some imagination to dream beyond the masses that flock to this city.  However, the dreamer can see beyond that.  Dreamers walk the various paths and hidden streets and can imagine Venice at its peak. They imagine all the affairs and proclamations of love that occurred.  Or maybe they see political intrigue, backroom plots, and murders around every dimly lit corner.

For dreamers, Venice is a like a time machine.  Close your eyes; blink; and transport yourself back to the Renaissance period. Maybe you listen to Vivaldi and imagine he was dreaming of this city when he composed his masterpiece the four seasons.  Or you think about Carnivale back in the 17th and 18th centuries, and conjure images of the lush costumes and the beautiful masks.

Venice is for Adventurers

Last but not least, Venice is for the brave.  You need courage to get lost on purpose.  Not every turn you make on the way to your destination will be lead somewhere.  You will inevitably hit dead ends and have to retrace your steps.  And for the adventurous at heart, this is where the fun begins!  You won’t be the angry tourist in a rush to follow some map.  No, you will be the one bravely charging ahead ignoring all the signs.  Because the adventurer knows in the end, you get to where you were meant to be!

Venice is a city unlike any other! So my lovers, dreamers, and adventurers; Venice awaits. Come get lost with me!


  1. Emma @ | 22nd Aug 17

    Great post on Venice! I went went I was really young and your post makes me realize I need to go back.

  2. Zade | 23rd Aug 17

    Well you convinced me. As someone who loathes being lost, I was hesitant at hearing that this is actually a selling point for Venice. But you were right! We never really got too lost, and some of the cutest places were found by accident. You’ve made a believer out of me!!

  3. Kelly | 23rd Aug 17

    I lived in Italy for a year and absolutely fell in love. I don’t think I will ever go to another country that made me feel so at home. Venice is stunning and you captured it well! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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