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Have you ever been lost?  I know I have. I’ve been lost in every kind of way. I’ve been lost physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I still use GPS to get myself home from the airport after dozens of trips and living in Italy almost two years.  So yes I’ve been lost…A LOT!  And at no time was it fun.  In the best case scenario, I’m mildly annoyed about it, in the worst case, I’m an angry, anxious, wreck.  And yet here I am talking about getting lost on purpose… So what’s the difference?  Think of it this way: when’s the last time you wandered a place, with no set plans, no expectations, and just took in the view? The Guide to Get Lost asks you to do just that.  Get lost with intention.  Get lost in the feeling of letting go of the need to control.  And once you get lost, get ready; because that is when great things happen.
The Guide is 5 steps:
Step one is about taking time out to build up your bravery.  Step two is about using your bravery to throw away the rigid map you have for your life and start again.  Step three asks you embrace the uncertainty of not knowing what is next; to embrace living life with your eyes closed.  Step four is to enjoy being lost, take time to revel in your journey.  Finally step five is how to stay in a “lost” state of mind.
I know giving up control in your life is a hard thing to do…so my next blog post addresses how fear keeps us from getting “lost” in living our best life.



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